The hit record 'Wanna Get Up' and the album 'II' made it happen: the successful pop group 2 Unlimited is back! For more than 2 years we didn't hear anything about one of Europe's biggest dance-acts (of the 90s). The singer Anita and the rapper Ray sold over 20 Million albums and scored l6 world-wide hit singles. In '96 they decided to leave the band and start a solo career. Their places are now taken by 2 Dutch singers: Romy and Marion. For the second time in history 2 Unlimited is ready to conquer the world.

In the Fall of '91 the first single 'Get Ready For This' became number 2 in the British pop charts. The beginning of the international breakthrough. Mega-hitsingles were released at high-speed: 'Twilight Zone', 'Tribal Dance', 'Maximum Overdrive', 'Faces', 'Let The Beat Control Your Body', 'Real Thing', etc. In '93 'No Limit' was UK's number 1 for no less than 5 weeks. The concept of hi-energy Eurodance, mixed with a powerful beat and an overwhelming tune, brought up numerous golden albums. 2 Unlimited had number 1 hits in almost 40 countries all over the world.

Halfway '96 2 Unlimited, currently referred to as 'ABBA of the nineties', stopped recording. However, the Belgian producers and musical godfathers of the 2 Unlimited-sound, Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde, did not feel like carrying the group to its grave. Numerous auditions followed, 150 singers gave their best shot. The best of all candidates were the Dutch singers Romy and Marion. They are now the new leading duo. The second episode of the success story is about to begin.

Romy (18-11-1971) has blond hair. She studied classical music and loves to sing all sorts of music. She took singing lessons, attended a dance course and studied drama at the Cabaret Academy of Amsterdam. Later she studied dramaturgy. Romy used to be the lead singer of a couple of bands. She already released several albums. She likes classical music, house, drum & bass,.. Her favourite singers are Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, Rickie Lee Jones and Des'ree. "Time has changed, and so has 2 Unlimited", she says. "The producers are the same but the music sounds more modern than it used to. That's why I think 2 Unlimited will become a big hit again."

Marion (18-6-1974) has brown hair. She is a born singer and a busy bee. She grew up in a family with an ear for music; her grandmother played the guitar, her mother and her aunt used to be singers. Ever since she was a child, Marion sang her heart out. When she became 16, she joined a band. Her first of a long lost of bands. Marion used to cover 2 Unlimited songs. Besides 2 Unlimited, Marion likes jazz, funk and blues. Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin are her favourite singers. Marion's best qualities are her perseverance and the black timbre of her powerful voice. "Being Dutch, I'm very proud to be a member of 2 Unlimited," she beams with pride. "My intention is to have a lot of fun and to have as much success as our predecessors had."

On the excellent album 'II', 2 Unlimited frankly chooses for a new trend in music. There is no more rap or techno. Pop and R&B influences take the upper hand. Fulfilling songs with impassioned vocal parts, a catching dance rhythm, a sniff of drum & bass, funk, disco and gospel: it all sounds very refreshing. "The poppy direction we follow fits the spirit of time," Phil Wilde explains. "People want to hear a melody, they love to hear songs again." Jean-Paul De Coster adds: "We didn't want to copy the old 2 Unlimited. Working with 2 singers gave us new options. The old 2 Unlimited music was evolving to popdance. Romy and Marion take 2 Unlimited further than that.

The Album

Romy: "A fresh, poppy song you can sing along with easily. Very appropriate as our first hit single."
Jean-Paul: "Look at it as a statement. This is the new 2 Unlimited. Energy, fun, party time!"

Phil: "The song I like best of the album. The choir and the trumpet player create a divine atmosphere. The second single and a big hit."
Marion: "I like to sing it and I need to dance when I hear the song. What a great sound. It gives me goose bumps."

Romy: "Reminds me of 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor. I think the lyrics are very strong."
Phil: "A good popsong with a positive message. A song that gets you going. When you hear it, you just have to dance.

Jean-Paul: "An incredible song. Romy and Marion prove they have they have a lot going for them."
Romy: "I'm crazy about the drum & bass influences. An example of the wide range of talents of our producers."

Marion: "A hit record for the Summer. I think of a group of people dancing on the street when I hear this song."
Phil: "I'm very happy with this song. It's fun, it's funky. I'm very proud of this sound."

Jean-Paul: "The song starts with a Hammond-pipe organ and ends with a gospel choir. That's first rate!"
Marion: "A surprising, compelling song. I think of people singing and clapping hands in a church when I sing it. Very nice!"

Romy: "A great singing song. It drives you crazy from the first moment you hear it."
Phil: "My daughter who's 4 years old immediately said '2 Unlimited' when she heard this track. So we still have a sound you can easily recognize."

Jean-Paul: "Disco is into fashion. This track lets you know what's going on in the clubs these days."
Marion: "A very nice song. The breaks and changes of speed create a surprising effect."

Marion: "A sensual partysong that makes me think of big fun time in Rio De Janeiro."
Phil: "We wanted to turn this one into an anthem like 'YMCA' by Village People."

Phil: "It sounds very up-to-today and can become a hit single straightaway as far as I'm concerned. A very successful production."
Romy: "A great track with trance influences."

April 20th 1998

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