Real name: Marjon van Iwaarden
Date of birth: 06-18-1974
Place of birth: Kruiningen
Residence: somewhere in Zeeland
Haircolor: Brown
Relation?: No
What type of guy do you like?: 'He must be sweet, honest, straight forward, a man with spirit who has understanding for the world of music. Everything's ok, except for decayed teeth!'
First kiss: at nursery school, in the corner with the dolls.
Good habits: Easy to get on with.
Bad habits: I sometimes wait to see which way the wind blows.
Scary moment: Every time I see a spider.
Best recollection: Every time I swat a spider and vacuum it up.
Best moment: That I was chosen for 2 Unlimited. That was my first audition and hit the jackpot!
What makes you angry?: People nagging too much
Previous jobs: telephonist, bookkeeper at accounts department, cleaning woman in a hotel when I was 17
Food: Indonesian and Italian
Drink: Red wine or some juice
Favourite artists: Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Steisand, George Michael, Madonna, Whitney Houston
Marjon according to Marjon: I can be nice, funny, quiet and active and I'm ambitious. Quiet in daily life and active and jumping on the stage!

Marion is a born singer and a busy bee. She grew up in a family with an ear for music; her grandmother played the guitar, her mother and her aunt used to be singers. Ever since she was a child, Marion sang her heart out. When she became 16, she joined a band. Her first of a long lost of bands. Marion used to cover 2 Unlimited songs. Besides 2 Unlimited, Marion likes jazz, funk and blues. Marion's best qualities are her perseverance and the black timbre of her powerful voice.