2-Nov-2009 New promo photos
Received some new pictures of Romy and Marion!

9-Oct-2009 Romy and Marion rejoin!
Probably under the name "Two" they will release a new single. More details to come.
source: Editie NL
End of summer 1999 Updates on this site have stopped, because it is very unlikely there will be a 2 Unlimited with Marion and another vocalist. In the case another 2 Unlimited is set up, this site will not cover them, which means that this site now functions as an archive of the 2 Unlimited consisting of Romy and Marion.
Spring-summer 1999 Nothing is heard about a possible new new 2 Unlimited, there is some struggle about the contract between Marion and Jean-Paul.
Spring 1999 Some auditions have been held for a new vocalist to replace Romy. It is unclear whether there are any potential candidates among them.
5-Jan-1999 Romy has left 2 Unlimited! Read all about it on this page. She will finish any planned concerts, but then 2 Unlimited is history for her. Jean-Paul of Byte Records and Marion will then be looking for a new singer (female or male, it hasn't been decided yet) to represent 2 Unlimited together with Marion.
26-Oct-1998 2 Unlimited are working on a new album. Their latest single will arrive in early 1999 and will come from the first album, 'II'. Contrary to earlier reports, it probably will not be 'Closer 2U'. It is as yet unknown which song it will be.
19-Dec-1998 2 Unlimited performed in 'De Hooizolder' in Westkapelle.
10-Dec-1998 2 Unlimited will go to Friesland for a performance.
  5-Dec-1998 2 Unlimited went to Romania for a performance on Festivalul Adolescenþei 1998.
  1-Nov-1998 2 Unlimited will go to Portugal for a performance.
30-Oct-1998 Shootings for a performance of 'Wanna Get Up' in 'Het Swingpaleis', Canvas Belgium Television. The show will probably be aired on Friday the 6th of November.
20-Oct-1998 2 Unlimited are back from the tour around Asia.
30-Sep-1998 2 Unlimited go on tour around Asia for three weeks. They will go to Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, The Phillipines, Japan and Korea.
17-Sep-1998 2 Unlimited now has new dutch dancers because it's easier to work with dancers from the Netherlands due to travelling distance. Their names are Djesh and Emille.
15-Sep-1998 2 Unlimited are working on a single for Christmas.
Romy and Marion will be participating more in writing songs for the next album.
26-Sep-1998 2 Unlimited will perform at MAMALOENA in Rijkevorsel
21-Sep-1998 Shootings for RTL 4's 'Het Swingpaleis' in studio 24, Hilversum. The show will be aired on a Thursday in October at 20:30 CET
20-Sep-1998 2 Unlimited will perform in the (Ajax) ArenA in Amsterdam.
18-Sep-1998 19:07   2 Unlimited can be seen on 'Kids for Animals', TROS Dutch Television
16-Sep-1998 Fourth and last day of local radio and instore tour.
15-Sep-1998 Third day of local radio and instore tour, around Groningen and Assen, the Netherlands:
11:30 Radio Noord Groningen
12:30 OOG Radio Groningen
13:30 RTV Drenthe Assen
12-Sep-1998 Second day of local radio and instore tour
10-Sep-1998 First day of local radio and instore tour
5-Sep-1998 TMF Showcase showed the performance of 2 Unlimited with their newest single: 'Never Surrender'
4-Sep-1998 2 Unlimited went to India for performances and interviews

Added some news and pictures. Split the guestbook page in three parts and the download page in two parts. Added 'Never Surrender' page. Real Audio Samples to come...
29-Aug-1998 RTL 4's 'Hollands Hollywood' showed the new video clip of 'Never Surrender'. It's a fast paced video clip with freaky and spacy people.
29-Aug-1998 This day will be a busy day for 2 Unlimited, as part of the promotion activities for the 3rd single, Never Surrender.

09:30 Shootings for RTL 4's 'Telekids' until 11:00. This will be aired on the 19th of September.
12:30 Shootings for RTL 4's 'Het Staatslot Op Lokatie' in amusement park 'De Efteling', until 13:45. This will be aired on the 20th or the 27th of September.
15:30 Live Shootings for RTL 4's 'Hollands Hollywood' until 18:00.
23:00 Gig in Kuurne, Belgium.
27-Aug-1998 00:30 Shootings for TMF Showcase in Escape Venue, Amsterdam with the 3rd single 'Never Surrender'. It will be aired on the 5th of September.

Also on this day there will be shootings for a performance in
'De Muziekdoos', TV1 Belgium Television.

24-Aug-1998 12:00 Interview Hitkrant, American Hotel Amsterdam
22-Aug-1998 24:00 Performance in the 'Contact TurboShow' in Mol, Belgium.
21-Aug-1998 Performance in Loosbroek, Belgium.
18-Aug-1998 Performance in Emmen, The Netherlands.
17-Aug-1998 Performance in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
16-Aug-1998 21:00 Performance in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands.
15-Aug-1998 01:00 Performance in 'Feestpaleis' in Beervelde, Belgium.
14-Aug-1998 Byte Records will be at Popkomm, Trade Fair for Popmusik und Entertainment in Köln (Cologne), Germany (Stand No. M 61)
13-Aug-1998 The third single will be 'Never Surrender'. The release will be on the 31st of August. The fourth single probably will be 'Closer 2U'.
12-Aug-1998 18:00 CET   2 Unlimited will be on MTV in Star Trax.
23:00 Performance in 'de Feesttent' in Lemelerveld, The Netherlands.
10-Aug-1998 2 Unlimited are in London for 3 days to do video shootings.
9-Aug-1998 2 Unlimited will do a 4-song promo for Radio Contact, Belgium at the "Free-feest" in Brakel.
8-Aug-1998 24:00 Performance in Gulpen, The Netherlands.
4-Aug-1998 Promo at Gay Games, Amsterdam.
28-Jul-1998 Shootings for 'Tien om te zien' for VTM Belgian Television in Blankenberge, Belgium. I'll be putting some photographs of this online as soon as they are developed.
25-Jul-1998 Performance in Valkenburg, The Netherlands.
18-Jul-1998 2 Unlimited did a chat session on IRC at TROS national Dutch Radio.
You can see the webcam shootings of the session here!
12-Jul-1998 Performance in Japan
4-Jul-1998 TMF Showcase will show 2 Unlimited, Romeo, Vengaboys, Dignity, CB Milton, Barbarus and DJ Mark van Dale
25-Jun-1998 Shootings for TMF Showcase in Escape Venue, Amsterdam
18-Jun-1998 Happy Birthday Marion! Congratulations on your 24th birthday
15-Jun-1998 Shootings for TROS programme 'Kids for Animals' in Beekse Bergen animal park, the Netherlands
14-Jun-1998 2 Unlimited goes to England for interviews
13-Jun-1998 2 Unlimited performed on Beachpop '98 in Renesse, Zeeland, the Netherlands at 19:10 hours.
   9-Jun-1998 The new clip of 'the Edge of Heaven' was shown on TMF.
Early June 1998 Slight delay in release of the new single 'Edge of Heaven'. The release will be in the first week or maybe the second week of June.
    4-Jun-1998 2 Unlimited goes to Moscow
28-May-1998 2 Unlimited goes to Poland
26-May-1998 Photo shootings and interviews in Amsterdam
20-May-1998 Shootings for TV Belgium in Carré, Willebroek, Belgium.
15-May-1998 Romy and Marion are in Sri Lanka for 4 days to do shootings for the new video clip of their new single 'the Edge of Heaven'.
13-May-1998 Performance in the Virgin Megastore in Brussels
12-May-1998 DJ Showcase Germany
3-May-1998 Performance on Dutch Television: 'Verjaardagshow' (RTL 4).
2-May-1998 Performance on Bevrijdingsfestival in Vlissingen
2-May-1998 Performance in Barneveld
1-May-1998 Performance in Gemert
27-Apr-1998 The album 'II' will be for sale in stores.
24-Apr-1998 Marion and Romy are in Stockholm for a performance
21-Apr-1998 Performance of 'Wanna get up' in '5 Uur Show', RTL4 Dutch Television.
Item in RTL Actueel, RTL4 Dutch Television.

Performances planned in Bahrain, Scandinavia, Yugoslavia, America and at Bevrijdingsfestival in The Netherlands

20-Apr-1998 Presentation of the album 'II' in Planet Hollywood, Amsterdam.

Item in SBS6 Hart van Nederland Shownieuws

19-Apr-1998 Performance on Move-X Dance awards, Brussel
15-Apr-1998 Performance on 'Uhh... Vergeet Je Tandenborstel Niet' (Veronica)
14-Apr-1998 Concert planned in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. Later on, Marion and Romy will go to Scandinavia (Sweden?) for another concert.
11-Apr-1998 Veronica Call TV (LiveLine) had an interview with Marion & Romy. Viewers could win a complete 2 Unlimited package consisting of a T-shirt, backpack, bomberjack, album CD and two tickets for the album presentation in Planet Hollywood, Amsterdam on April the 20th.

The next single will be 'Edge of Heaven' from the album 'II'.

10-Apr-1998 SBS 6 Dutch Television had an item in 'Hart van Nederland' about the contest held earlier on Radio 538 and The Music Factory. A girl in Purmerend won a private concert in front of her house.

Romy mentioned that besides in Scandinavia and Spain other concerts are planned in Germany and Japan.

  9-Apr-1998 Shootings for another performance in 'de Muziekdoos', TV1 Belgium Television.
  3-Apr-1998 2 Unlimited was guest in 'Weekly Jones', SBS6 Dutch Television.
31-Mar-1998 Performance of the new single in 'Koffietijd', RTL4 Dutch Television.
24-Mar-1998 Romy & Marion are now in Bahrain for a concert.
Mar/Apr-1998 Decided to start the site up again.
23-Mar-1998 'Wanna Get Up' is this week's Superclip on The Music Factory Dutch Television.
14-Mar-1998 In an interview with TROS Dutch Radio 3 FM they mentioned that shows are planned in Scandinavia, Tahiti, Dubai, Bahrain and on Beachpop in the Netherlands.

Performance of the new single in 'de Muziekdoos', TV1 Belgium Television.

13-Mar-1998 2 Unlimited was guest in 'Toute Fabienne', The Music Factory Dutch Television. Fabienne interviewed the two. The release of the new album will be the 20th of April, the album will be in stores on the 27th of April. A contest was held for the viewers in which you could win a private concert. They had to use the new single as the message of their answering machine.
  9-Mar-1998 Interview on Belgian Radio Donna with Marc Pinte. A contest was held for the Belgian listeners in which you could win a hot air balloon trip with 2 Unlimited. Romy had some experience with heights because she did some parachuting, but Marion still has to see whether she has a fear of heights.
  7-Mar-1998 Interview on Belgian Radio. Romy and Marion introduced themselves and explained a little what the new clip was about.

The making of the new clip 'Wanna Get Up' in 'de Muziekdoos', TV1 Belgium Television.

  6-Mar-1998 Presentation of the new single and clip 'Wanna Get Up' in disco Reflex in Westerlo, Belgium. Shamrock of T-Spoon was also there. The DJ threw some T-shirts and jojos in the air and I was able to catch a T-shirt. I had it signed by Marion, Romy and the two dancers, CJ and Hugh. Also got a sleeve of the new single record.
    Feb-1998 Romy & Marion are in (former) Yugoslavia for a concert. One of the artists that will be there is the group Snap!.
  2-Jan-1998 A look inside the studios and a small interview with the producers on 'Ultratop', Ketnet Belgium Television.
30-Dec-1997 Site offline; then lost all of it due to disk crash. Luckily someone who had surfed in here still had it in cache.
23-Dec-1997 Romy & Marion have made shootings for their new clip. SBS 6 national Dutch television had an item in their news programmes which showed recordings in the studio.
20-Dec-1997 Romy & Marion have left England and are now in Russia for a tryout concert. They will perform with old songs from the original 2 Unlimited. Let's hope they have success!
10-Dec-1997 Romy & Marion are travelling to England to practise their stage act for a tryout concert in Russia. They will also go to Dubai.
27-Nov-1997 The new 2 Unlimited will be Romy & Marion. Their new single and/or album will be released in March 1998. They have finished recording 5 songs. One of those will be the new single.
  3-Mar-1997 Byte Records has officially announced that there have been auditions for rappers and singers.
December 1996 Some ads are shown on television for auditions for the new 2 Unlimited. Marion and Romy went to these auditions along with over one hundred girls. They underwent singing auditions, dance auditions and photo session auditions.