Presentation of the album II

Planet Hollywood, Amsterdam


The presentation of the album was on April the 20th in Planet Hollywood, Amsterdam. It started at 20:00 and ended at 23:30. It was quite crowded. Much press was present; camera and audio men of the Dutch broadcasting stations RTL4 and SBS6, journalists of various radio stations and photographers of various magazines.

Romy and Marion first went to Romy's home in Amsterdam to make themselves up and get dressed. Then they went to Planet Hollywood in a long white limousine. On the way they were interviewed by Albert Verlinde (SBS 6) for 'Shownieuws'. When they arrived, Romy and Marion went backstage to redress for their performance. Then later, the two dancers Hugh and CJ arrived. Background music for the rest of the evening was music of the new album.

The presentation was in hands of Michael Pilarczyk (TMF/Radio 538) and Corné Klijn (Radio 3 FM). They first did a introductory speech. To prove that the girls really can sing, Romy and Marion first sang a little piece of 'Someone to Get There' a capella. They continued with their new single 'The Edge of Heaven'.

Next, Marion and Romy gave an expression of gratitude towards their family, the producers and the rest at Byte Records. After that they sang 'Wanna Get Up'. Then Corné and Michael came back and invited Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde to appear on stage for a small tribute and for the photographers to take some pictures. Finally they all went off and back stage.

Other known dutch people who were present are Fabienne (TMF), Albert Verlinde (SBS 6), Paskal Jacobs and Franklin Schieman (Bløf), Carlo Strijk and Gabber Piet(!). Of Fabienne, Carlo, Paskal, Franklin and Michael I got an autograph.

Later that evening, the press could ask questions and make photos, and family could talk with Romy and Marion. It was very crowded in the press room. People from Byte Records handed out press papers, album CDs and video tapes with a short film about the making of 2 Unlimited (this film can also be found on the album CD in Quicktime format).

Finally, I had made two pictures of the producers and me. Here they are:

Phil Wilde's wife, Phil himself and me

Jean-Paul and me