Real name: Romy van Ooijen
Date of birth: 11-18-1971
Place of birth: Amsterdam
Residence: Amsterdam
Eyecolor: Blue
Haircolor: Blond
Relation?: No
What type of guy do you like?: 'Someone who makes me feel at easy and who has a passion for his job (and me) and is smart and funny. You probably get it, a dream guy (not bald).'
First kiss: Age 13, was exciting.
Good habits: I have good moments...
Bad habits: and bad moments
Best recollection: Love, love and lots of love moments.
Scary moment: A parachute that didn't expand, oops!
What makes you angry?: cruelty/neglect towards animals
What do you dream of?: Piles of gold!! (haha!)
Previous jobs: Modeling, voice-overs, solo-singer
Food: Sushi
Drink: Fresh orange juice
Favourite artists: Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, Rickie Lee Jones, Des'ree
Romy according to Romy: I must say I'm in the best part of my life, both private an in my career.
In 5 words I am: Passionate, a thinker, creative, sensitive and happy!

Romy studied classical music and loves to sing all sorts of music. She took singing lessons, attended a dance course and studied drama at the Cabaret Academy of Amsterdam. Later she studied dramaturgy. Romy used to be the lead singer of a couple of bands. She already released several albums. She likes classical music, house, drum & bass, ...